Prevention against the risk of dangerous goods in baggage


Air Calédonie wishes to inform you that certain goods, known as "dangerous goods", are considered as such when they put your health, safety, and that of the aircraft, at risk. Even though these goods are usually transported in reduced quantities, unlike freight goods, they are not subjected to detailed acceptance, packaging and handling tests which ensure flight safety.

These goods are either forbidden at check-in, be it in the hold or in the cabin, or are defined as regulated goods. This means that they can be transported under certain conditions.

We advise you to: prepare your baggage yourself, never leave your baggage unattended and never accept to transport items or baggage for another person.

During passenger check-in, and in the interest of flight safety, our staff may request passengers to open their baggage. The latter will not be transported if this check is refused. Please note that any false declarations regarding the nature of goods or the discovery of dangerous goods in one of your bags will lead to prosecution. The item will be immediately confiscated and examined by a competent authority.

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What is airport security?

Aviation security (or airport security when applied to an aerodrome and its surroundings) is the combination of measures, including human and material means, taken to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference (acts of voluntary malevolence committed by individuals or others).

Air Calédonie is responsible for protecting its passengers when they have airside access; during boarding and disembarkation.

Please cooperate during the security checks: they are for your benefit!

Show your ID to access the boarding lounge.

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