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A company will only prosper if its staff is fully implicated in its development. Since its creation in 1954 by a group of aviation enthusiasts, more than a thousand people have contributed to Air Calédonie's rapid expansion.

Today, around three hundred and fifty collaborators, both ground and flight staff, take part in the daily running of the Caledonian airline.

In honor of Air Calédonie's sixtieth anniversary, the company has paid tribute to its staff through an exhibition of sixty staff portraits at work. It is a perfect opportunity for the company to highlight the diversity of its employees and their skills.


Our technical skills

ATR captain and copilot

The copilot sits on the right-hand side of the cockpit and forms the flight-deck tandem with the pilot.

BAC S - Preparatory Flight School - CPL + IFR + QT ATR Professional qualification. English is mandatory - candidates must be proficient in airline regulations and procedures.

1 to 2 years on ATR 72 - minimum of 1,500 regulatory hours.

In-depth health checks (mandatory) and flight-simulator training are carried out every two years.

Aircraft mechanic

All professional aircraft mechanics must obtain a PART 66 B1 (mechanic) and B2 (aircraft) aircraft permit.

Technical BAC - Training at a specialized center - Aircraft mechanic qualification. Candidates must be proficient in regulations and maintenance operations procedures. Candidates must be able to read English - proof of 2 years’ experience necessary.

Professional training to be obtained by maintenance of turbine-powered aircraft (ex ATR)

If you wish to apply to Air Calédonie, please send a C.V. and cover letter by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or a letter to:

Service du personnel
BP 212
98845 Nouméa Cedex
New Caledonia