IATA TY ICAO TPC Call sign Aircal

Air Calédonie has 372 staff and is the main airline which operates a regular service to New Caledonia's entire domestic network.

The airline was created in 1954 by a group of airline enthusiasts, Air Calédonie transported no less than 432,400 passengers and more than 1,696 tons of freight; operated 10,755 flights between April 2017 and March 2018.

Board of directors

  • Mr. Samuel HNEPEUNE, President and CEO, administrator
  • Representative of the Government of New Caledonia, Mr Gilbert TYUIENON
  • Representative of the Southern Province, Mrs.Naia WATEOU
  • Representative of the Northern Province, Mr.Yannick SLAMET
  • Representative of the Islands Province, Mr. Charles YEIWENE
  • Mr.Néko HNEPEUNE, administrator
  • Mr.Grégoire BERNUT, administrator
  • Mrs.Elia WALEWENE, administrator
  • Mr.Eric ESCHENBRENNER, administrator
  • Mr.Mathias WANEUX, administrator
  • Mr.Rezza WAMYTAN, administrator
  • Mr.Robert KAPOERI, administrator
  • Mrs.Omayra HNAISSELINE adminitrator
  • Mrs.Virgine RUFFENACH, administrator

400 shareholders

  • 3 Provinces (South, North and the Loyalty Islands),
  • The government of New Caledonia,
  • Private individuals.

The Executive Comittee

  • President and CEO: Mr Samuel HNEPEUNE
  • Chief Operating Officer: M Philippe BUSSON
  • Secretary General: Mr Maxime NACHIN
  • Commercial Director: Mrs Marion GENTELET
  • Financial Director : Mrs Sarah DEFOORT
  • Technical Director: Mr Eric BROUTTE
  • Director of Ground Ops: Mr Philippe SAVELLI
  • Director of Flight Operations: M Jean-Michel MAYERAU-LONNE
  • Director of Human Resources: Mrs Shanthy SATHEYAMURTHY

Domestic airports

Air Calédonie operates regular flights from Nouméa Magenta airport to:

  • The Isle of Pines - Moue airport
  • Ouvéa (Loyalty Islands) - Ouloup airport
  • Lifou (Loyalty Islands) - Wanaham airport
  • Maré (Loyalty Islands) - La Roche airport
  • Koné

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