The most beautiful bays in the world

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The Isle of Pines is located 60 km off the Big island, and it proudly displays its title of the “Pacific Pearl”. Seen from above, this world-Heritage listed (since 2008) Kunié land which emerges in the middle of the Great South Lagoon offers spectacular bays which are among the most beautiful in the world.

Kuto and Kanuméra, twins bays

The graceful curve of Kuto bay extends for over one kilometer. It is a masterpiece of nature with a white sand rim as fine as talcum powder. As it is very well sheltered, the bay makes up an excellent anchorage for sailors and a resort for visitors. Under the shaded “bugny” vault made up of great centuries-old trees, a hotel’s bungalows can be sensed, and a beachside restaurant on stilts enables guests to savor local food by the seaside and admire gorgeous sunsets. Just back of Kuto, like a twin bay, Kanuméra unveils all the sweetness and glamour of the tropics. A cottage and a hotel have made their home. Bungalows amidst a tropical garden turned the place into a little piece of heaven, a kind of cocoon in which you feel like taking shelter for a few days.

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Upi bay, a magic place

Upi is a genuine art work, as it is studded with coral rocks which look like stone mushrooms emerging from the turquoise sea. It is shallow and set aside for canoeing? The canoe’s big white canvas triangles and their twin outriggers, which set them apart from the other canoes in the area, sail every day across this idyllic place with delighted tourists on board. A path connects Upi bay to mythical Oro bay.

Oro: welcome to the heart of the island

From Oro bay, two inlets extend from either side of the peninsula before they join in the “natural swimming pool” which myriads of fish have made their home. When it reaches the majestic turquoise basin, the trump of the bodies of water which was up against the cliffs is a reminder that this basin is protected by a huge coral wall behind which the sea is rough. Every visitor is spellbound as he or she discovers the perfect landscape of Oro Peninsula where a luxury hotel has built its bungalows within a huge pine forest. Oro is a hallowed place for the Kunié – Isle of Pines natives – an ancient burial place whose name means “the heart”, that of this small island which is set like a jewel in the hand of the ocean.

Text by Elisabeth Auplat

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