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HR policy/Values

It is with the full cooperation of its employees that a company flourishes and becomes successful.
At Air Calédonie, there have been thousands of employees since its creation in 1954. The considerable growth of the company has been enabled and supported by a handful of aviation enthusiasts.

Today, approximately three hundred and fifty employees, on the ground and in the air, participate daily in the operation of the New Caledonian airline. Air Calédonie is the 10th company of the territory in terms of number of employees, it offers more than 50 professions and provides approximately 10,000 hours of training.

HR policy

By the strong regulatory requirements of the sector, the company strives to recruit employees who have followed appropriate training and have demonstrated their sense of teamwork.

Through its service activity, the added value provided by Air Calédonie must meet the expectations of its customers. Customer satisfaction is therefore essential and englobes the entire company.

Through its recruitment policy, the company aims to employ profiles suited to the expected skills. All positions are subject to a precise description and display the selection criteria examined. The recruitment process includes interviews and technical or personality tests.

Air Calédonie is also committed to creating career paths to enable each motivated and deserving employee to progress throughout their career. A continuous training policy is implemented for all and the human resources teams also support employees who wish, on a personal basis, to carry out additional training or undertake an APEL process.

Throughout its teams, the company intends to represent the territory in all its diversity and capitalize on the human values cherished by Caledonians.


A common base for all employees, the fundamental values held by the company are reflected in all internal media.

Each of these values must guide the orientations and actions of the men and women who make Air Calédonie strive.