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Traffic growth

Air Calédonie has ensured a mission of opening up the territory and the economic and tourist development since 1954.
Created by a handful of enthusiasts, it has been developed and modernized over the decades.

1992 – 2004: Growth in traffic

Following the major investments made to renew the fleet, and several social crises, the company encountered cash flow problems in the early 1990s. In July 1992, it was decided to create a management board placed under the control of a supervisory board, to regain financial balance. In addition, work on the new Magenta terminal has begun.

The management board and the supervisory board were created in July 1992 and dissolved in 2004. The main mission of the management board will be to put in place a recovery plan that will improve the company’s profitability while continuing to meet the needs of users.
In 1998, Air Calédonie took part in the launch of extension work at the Magenta terminal to respond to the increase in traffic. It will be delivered in two parts, between 2000 and 2001.

At the end of the year 2000, the company carried 300,000 passengers in the year.