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Anticipate your freight for the holidays.
1 December 2023

The company’s freight service operates on a first-come, first-served basis. During peak demand periods, such as approaching the holidays, it is crucial to plan your shipments in advance! Shipments are processed in the order they are deposited at the freight counters, and packages are transported based on flight availability, regardless of the nature of the merchandise.

Try to plan ahead!

Are you planning to ship goods for the holidays? To ensure that your packages reach their destination on time, we recommend anticipating their deposits at the counters. Our teams strive to optimize the loading of cargo holds to ensure the regular transport of deposited packages. However, depending on destinations and times, we draw your attention to the potential saturation of our storage spaces, which may require us to temporarily suspend the deposit of new packages until the transport of goods is completed.

Consider equipment rental

To simplify your shipments, Air Calédonie offers equipment rental for your expeditions. Convenient and straightforward, this new service now allows you to rent regulated cages for the transport of your animals and coolers for the shipment of perishable goods.

Think about it for sending your fresh products as the holidays approach.

Simulate your freight

Do you want to know the price you will have to pay for your next shipment? We provide a simulator on our website to allow you to obtain an estimated rate based on the specifics of your packages.