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The codeshare between Aircalin and Air Calédonie is operational.
24 March 2023

The code-share agreement signed with Aircalin last December is now effective after several months of implementation. As a result, customers can now purchase Air Calédonie flights to the Loyalty Islands and Isle of Pines under an Aircalin flight number, with a connecting airport change from their international flight. For example, customers can book a Singapore to Isle of Pines, Sydney to Lifou, or Paris to Ouvéa flight, with the possibility of an itinerary in the same booking and on the same transportation contract.

This agreement eases the reservation of a trip to New Caledonia for customers who can now purchase all their international and domestic flights directly from one distributor (such as a website or travel agency). Additionally, in case of any disruptions during their travel, passengers will be recognized and better taken care of to reschedule their trip or ensure the delivery of their luggage to their final destination.

Increase the visibility of the domestic network and meet the needs of the tourism industry.

This agreement is the result of two years of collaboration between the two companies and represents a significant step forward in their cooperation. Aircalin can now offer 6,000 domestic flights per year on the Caledonian network through this code-share, allowing Air Calédonie to display its flights in global distribution systems (such as tour operators, travel agencies, e-commerce, price comparators, etc.), and especially on tourist markets. This collaboration is a real opportunity for Air Calédonie to develop its international tourist sales and contribute to the development of the New Caledonian tourism industry.
This increased visibility of domestic destinations in international markets represents also a development opportunity for the New Caledonia tourism industry : it becomes possible to consider new medium-term progress, such as domestic flights with direct connections from Tontouta on a fleet adapted to the traffic.