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Origin’Air: #25 is on board!
30 December 2022

30Start the year by discovering issue 25 of the Origin’Air in-flight magazine! The new number is available on board all the company’s aircraft. As you read, (re)discover Caledonian natural heritage, from the far north to the islands.

In the devil’s den of Tingeting

Origin’Air is also the discovery of new treasures. This issue invites you to meet the Trohmaë family, guardians of the devil’s lair in the north of Lifou. Enjoy the coolness of the cave while the Tromhaë tell you the many secrets of this mysterious cave.

Discovering the Golone Peninsula

You will then stop at Poum, in the far north. The Golone peninsula conceals more than one treasure. These crystal clear waters invite you to enjoy the serenity and beauty of this preserved natural space. From the peninsula, embark in the direction of Tiambouene islet. This spit of sand surrounded by turquoise water is a must.

Climb the Pic N’Ga

To end our trip, we invite you to put on your sneakers and take to the skies. Direction Kunié lands for the ascent of Pig N’Ga, the highest point of the Isle of Pines. At the end of the path, grandiose panoramas await you revealing the splendor of the Isle of Pines.

The pleasure of reading, even after your flight

Origin’air accompanies you throughout your trip but also during your stay. Do not hesitate to take the magazine with you, we offer you a copy. You can also find all the editions of our in-flight magazine in free access on our website.

Happy flying and happy reading!