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Île Des Pins

Île Des Pins: “The island of your dreams”

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Located 60 kilometers off the coast of Grande Terre, the Isle of Pines proudly bears its title of “Pearl of the Pacific”. Seen from the sky, this Kunié land which emerges in the sky from the Great Southern Lagoon, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008, draws spectacular bays which are among the most beautiful in the world.

Kuto & Kanumera, twin berries
The graceful curve of Kuto Bay stretches for over a kilometer. A masterpiece of nature hemmed with white sand as fine as talc. Very sheltered, the bay is an excellent anchorage for navigators and a vacation spot for visitors. Under the shaded vault of the “bugny”, large secular trees, the bungalows of a hotel can be guessed and a restaurant placed on stilts in front of the beach allows you to savor local products at the edge of the water and admire sumptuous sunsets of Sun.
Just behind Kuto, like a twin bay, Kanumera reveals all the sweetness and charm of the tropics. A lodge and a hotel have taken up residence there. Bungalows in the middle of a tropical garden have transformed the place into a little corner of paradise, a kind of cocoon in which you want to take refuge for a few days, float in the turquoise water with a mask and snorkel to discover the fish – clowns, Picasso triggerfish, sea urchins, clams with multicolored lips.

Upi Bay, an enchanting place
Dotted with coral rocks, like stone mushrooms emerging from turquoise water, Upi is a true work of art. Shallow, it is reserved for canoe navigation. Their large triangles of white canvas and their double floats, which distinguish them from other canoes in the region, cross this idyllic place every day with enchanted tourists on board. A path connects Upi Bay to the mythical Oro Bay.
Oro: welcome to the heart of the island.

From Oro Bay, two arms of the sea extend on each side of the peninsula before joining in “the natural swimming pool” where myriads of fish have taken up residence. Arrived in the majestic turquoise basin, the dull noise of the masses of water which come to run aground on the cliffs recalls that this basin is protected by an immense wall of coral behind which the sea is agitated. A seductive effect is exerted on each visitor who comes to discover the perfect setting of the Oro peninsula where a luxury hotel has built its bungalows in the heart of a huge pine forest. Oro is a sacred place for the Kunié, an ancient burial site whose name means “the heart”, that of this small island placed like a jewel in the hand of the ocean.


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