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2024/05/15 : Due to the evolving situation, suspension of operationnal operations until further notice / More information here.

Travel planning

Island residents

Residents of the islands can apply for the “Flight Card” which allows them to benefit from financial aid for travel to and from their island of residence.

On Air Calédonie flights:

  • it gives access to a resident rate for one-way journeys (LPaysOW)
  • it entitles you to 10 travel credits per year, to be deducted from all our public rates
  • it allows you to benefit from a reduction on freight: See the Freight residents offer

Transport Card 2024: Applications are now open!

You can now apply for your Transport Card to receive your profile number and avail your travel credits starting from January 1, 2024.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents so that your application can be processed promptly.

Take the steps online to obtain your transport card

    Je dépose un dossier

    Carte d’Identité ou Passeport (pdf, jpg, jpeg, tif ou png, max 2 Mo)*

    Attestation sur l'honneur (pdf, jpg, jpeg, tif ou png, max 2 Mo)*
    Télécharger l'attestation

    Je ne réside pas chez moi

    Justificatif de domicile à votre nom (Facture d’eau, de téléphone, d’électricité ou de fournisseur d’accès internet - pdf, jpg, jpeg, tif ou png, max 2 Mo)*

    Carte d’Identité ou Passeport de l'hébergeur (pdf, jpg, jpeg, tif ou png, max 2 Mo)*

    Justificatif de domicile au nom de l'hébergeur (Facture d’eau, de téléphone, d’électricité ou de fournisseur d’accès internet - pdf, jpg, jpeg, tif ou png, max 2 Mo)*

    Attestation sur l'honneur de l'hébergeur (pdf, jpg, jpeg, tif ou png, max 2 Mo)*
    Télécharger l'attestation hébergeur

    J'autorise les organisateurs du jeu à utiliser mes coordonnées pour m'inscrire au tirage au sort du jeu Carte Transport 2024*, et accepte de recevoir les informations concernant la Carte Transport par email

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    Amount of the 10 travel credits to be deducted from the public price

    Island of residence Adult credit TTC Child credit TTC
    Loyalty islands 5 459 F 3 708 F
    Isle of Pines 4 223 F 2 781 F

    1 travel credit = 1 trip

    By using the Flight Card, if you book in advance, or if you can travel at low demand flight times, or even if you buy your tickets during our promotional offers, you will travel at unbeatable prices, since you can deduct your travel credits from already low public prices!

    If you have to book at the last minute, you can still benefit from your flight credit on the fare classes still available for sale at the last minute!

    You are in control of your expenses and can therefore manage your travel budget.



    If you travel a lot, take advantage of our promotional offers or our Super Leisure by anticipating your trips, and use your travel credits when you need to book at the last minute! You will therefore have attractive prices all year round!!!

    You can also choose to manage your round trip fare by using a travel credit only on the outward or on the return trip!
    Another significant advantage: you benefit from the conditions of the chosen fare class. Your tickets can therefore be refundable and/or modifiable without penalty.

    Find all the pricing conditions:

    Pricing conditions

    The Flight Card is a subsidized system set up by the Government of New Caledonia as part of the Continuité Pays.
    The government of New Caledonia offers permanent residents of the islands (Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands) the benefit of 10 travel credits per year with the Flight Card.

    The “Flight Card” is valid for 1 year from January 1st to December 31st.
    It allows you to benefit from transport assistance for the time of its validity.
    You can book tickets with your travel credit quota until December 31, even if you are traveling the following year. Think about it!

    You must meet certain conditions to benefit from the Flight Card, starting with being a resident of the islands.
    Air Calédonie is in charge of distributing cards for the government.
    The company has facilitated your procedures and allows you to submit your request online

    We draw your attention to the fact that a form must be completed for each person who wants to benefit from the Flight Card (from the age of 2 years old) with all the supporting documents each time.

    Please note, if the application submitted online is not compliant, it will be rejected and you will have to complete a new application.
    For example, if your proof of address is more than 3 months old, or if it does not mention your address, or if the sworn statement is missing.

    Only complete applications can be processed. Please check that you have all the required documents before submitting your request.

    For those who wish, it is also possible to make an appointment to submit your file with an agent in our Air Calédonie sales agencies in Nouméa at the Pacific Plaza agency or in Lifou at the Wé agency. If you are a resident of Lifou, our agents welcome you in person at the Wé Marina to submit your Transport Card documents by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please contact our sales teams at 25.21.77 or log in to our website – Make an appointment

    You can also get your Flight Card without an appointment at the Ouloup ticket office, in the Isle of Pines at the Vao agency and in Maré – La Roche ticket office.

    • Valid proof of identity – Passport or identity card
    • Proof of address mentioning your address dated less than 3 months – Water, electricity or telephone bill

    If the applicant is staying with a private individual, the following 3 documents must be presented:

      • Proof of identity of the landlord – Passport or identity card
      • Certificate of accommodation made by the landlord– download here
      • Proof of residence of the landlord mentioning the address in the islands and dated less than 3 months.
    • Sworn statement from the applicant certifying that they do not benefit from any other advantages and in particular the right to social assistance – download here

    For offline applications, you must also print, complete and sign the following document:

    To ensure that all interested beneficiaries are in possession of their Flight Card from the start of the calendar year, we invite them to apply as soon as possible.

    We allow file submissions and appointments starting in November so that the 1st cards are available in the beginning of January, subject to the renewal of the system by the Government of New Caledonia.

    You have requested your Flight Card, after checking all the documents in your file, a numbered name card will be issued within ten days.

    When applying, you must specify where you would like your card to be made available to you.

    At the Plaza agency and the Wé Marina office in Lifou, it will be necessary to make an appointment.

    There is no need to make an appointment for each member of your family. : you can collect up to 5 cards in a single appointment.

    We thank you for fixing only one appointment slot and for respecting your commitment.

    Access to making appointments (file deposit/collection of cards) – Make an appointment

    If you cannot make yourself available for the appointment you have scheduled, please take the time to cancel it. This will allow another waiting beneficiary to be able to pick up their card and thus reduce waiting times.

    In a few clicks from a computer or mobile phone, you can buy your ticket or that of your loved ones while benefiting from government assistance.

    To do this, you must first have followed the steps to be a Flight Card beneficiary (see below) and carefully keep your card on which the profile number is mentioned. It is thanks to this number, which must be entered during the online reservation, that each of the passengers concerned will be able to choose to use their travel credits. The sales engine analyzes the profiles, checks the balance of available credits and checks the island of residence, if everything is in order, the details are displayed in the options page.

    A tutorial to facilitate access to this feature is available for download here.