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Promotional offers are subject to availability and are usually very successful!
You will be more likely to benefit by choosing the least popular flights.
Do not hesitate to play around with the departure times or days to find the available ticket that suits you.

On our website, when you use the booking tool, promotions are displayed in the “Promos” results column according to availability on the dates and destinations requested.

The “Promo” fares are sold on a return basis, so in your search, you must find the combination of a round trip AND a return at the “Promo” fare.

So don’t hesitate to do a search by modifying the outward and/or return dates to find the winning combination!

(If the chosen return is not available at the promotional rate, then the outward journey will not be displayed, even if it is available at this rate – and vice versa)

All rates are subject to special conditions, which correspond to everyone’s needs in terms of flexibility and baggage allowance in particular.

Promotional rates are neither refundable nor modifiable – find the details of the conditions of our promotional offers here

If you cannot arrive at the departure of your flight, the first thing to do is to let us know so that your place is freed up and also inform us to free up your return.

As for your ticket, you must refer to the fare conditions chosen to find out whether or not it is refundable and/or modifiable and whether penalties apply. Consult the details of the pricing conditions

Yes, absolutely, the “s” that appears after http in the url indicates that you are on a secure page. Air Calédonie has chosen the Paybox System secure payment system. This system enables electronic transactions to be carried out reliably and under the best possible security conditions.

You can absolutely buy your ticket online on the day of departure.

As soon as you make your payment online, you will receive an issue notice as well as an e-ticket with a Payment Receipt section sent to your e-mail address.

For any problem while booking on our site (e-ticket not received, …) please contact us by email at the following address:

Only payment by credit card is accepted on the website. You can go to an Air Calédonie point of sale or an approved travel agency to make your reservation.

Our passengers are considered as a “baby”, until they are 2 years old.
At 2 years old, your little one must have a “child” ticket, until they are 12 years old.
From the age of 12, a child must choose an adult ticket.

A group is made up of at least 15 people traveling on the same flight, you must contact the group service by email at the following address:

From 01/01 to 31/12 of each year.

At the Air Calédonie sales agencies in Nouméa at the Pacific Plaza agency, in Lifou at the Wé agency, in Ouvéa at the Ouloup ticket office, in the Isle of Pines at the Vao agency and at the ticket office of Maré – La Roche.

You are entitled to 10 travel credits per calendar year.

Your AMG ticket can only be modified on the same destination and the costs and penalties (for modification) are your responsibility.