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Freight services


Yes, during freight opening hours (Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) they will then be considered as freight parcels and routed according to the rate chosen and flight availability. The maximum size of packages accepted in the hold (ATR) is 0.60 m x 1.80 m x 1.20 m and their maximum weight is 30 kg (checked baggage is fixed at 23 kg).

Yes, it is mandatory for any deposit or pick-up of parcels.

Parcels are routed according to the priority defined by the rate paid, within the limits of operational constraints.

Only in a cooler equipped with handles for better handling, well closed and with a cap to be perfectly sealed to avoid any risk of leakage. Our Loyalty and Île des Pins stops are equipped with positive cold rooms. Customers are informed that since the cold chain is not guaranteed, their frozen products travel at their own risk.

It is up to the sender to make every effort to protect their goods, each package must be properly packaged, with the protections necessary for transport. We have specific stickers (fragile, perishable, handle with care, etc.). However, the liability of the operator is limited in the event of damage.

All packages must be presented open to check the contents. If not everything is visible, you will need to remove the items to check the entire package. The Freight Service Agents will then take care of closing your package.

No, cash, checks, identity papers, documents such as drivers license …. are not accepted. If the envelope is misplaced, no complaint will be received by Air Calédonie.

DGs are materials or objects that pose a significant safety risk when transported by air. Certain dangerous goods are totally prohibited in freight on our lines, for example (non-exhaustive list):

  • flammable gases (aerosol, blowtorch, camping stove cartridge, etc.)
  • engines that have contained gasoline (brush cutter, chainsaw, generator, etc.). Acceptable if the engine is new and has never contained gasoline. All tanks are checked by us.

Find out more from our Freight agents. Dangerous Goods authorized for transport must be presented with specific packaging and be the subject of a specific declaration. We recommend that shippers have their parcels prepared by a freight forwarder. An amount of 2,000 FCFP (fee for setting up a file) is invoiced for sending these parcels.

Air Calédonie sends an SMS (text message) notification:
– to the recipient and the sender: upon arrival of the package at destination

In the event of inaccurate declaration of the nature of the product or discovery of hazardous materials in a package or in luggage, the sender is liable to criminal prosecution. The goods will be immediately confiscated and a detailed report will be sent to Civil Aviation with the possibility of filing a complaint.

The Direction des Affaires Vétérinaires Alimentaires et Rurales (DAVAR) regulates the transport of bee plants and products from a phytosanitary point of view.
The transport between the islands of palm trees, coconut trees or other plants is subject to strict regulations which aim to limit the spread of diseases and parasites in the islands. See website also reachable at 24.37.45
For example, to eradicate the Oryctes rhinoceros beetle, any movement of coconut palms, palm trees, locally produced compost and any other breeding substrate from the main island to the Loyalty islands is prohibited (Article 3 of Order No. °2019-2289/GNC)

Only domestic dogs and cats are accepted in IATA approved transport cages. On departure from Magenta, a deworming certificate and an up-to-date vaccination record are required. For the Isle of Pines, a copy of the customary authority agreement must be provided.
The Priority Freight rate is applicable, plus a file preparation fee of 2,000 FCFP.