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2024/05/15 : Due to the evolving situation, suspension of operationnal operations until further notice / More information here.

Freight services

Special shipments and packages

Need to send parcels of a particular nature or size that require special handling by our service, see the specific conditions below.

Our freight teams will accompany you on their pick-up at the drop-off counter.

The size of the holds of our aircraft limits the volume of packages that we can transport. The maximum measures of a package are 1.80m X 1.20m X 0.60m and 30kg
When checking in, any bulky package or one with a low weight in relation to the volume will be invoiced not by the kilo but by the cubic capacity (1m3 = 167 kg)
Therefore, in these specific cases, the rate takes into account the space occupied in the hold, instead of the actual weight of the package.


Good to know

The following goods are generally subject to this rule: cushion foam, empty animal cages, empty coolers, etc.

Do you want to ship perishable products? Perishable products are systematically stored in a cold room without additional invoicing. To ship perishable foods such as meat, fish and shellfish, the “Priority” option will be billed in addition to the base rate.

Storage is done in our hangars in positive cold rooms. Proper packaging is required. Prepare my package


Good to know

  • During transport, for logistical reasons, Air Calédonie cannot ensure the continuity of the cold chain until delivery of the product to its destination.
  • it’s up to you to organize yourself to ensure the appropriate packaging that will keep the cold during transport and to quickly ship the perishable goods.
  • Air Calédonie does not have a negative temperature cold room, the transport of products requiring freezing cannot be the subject of any complaint.

The transport of tires is offered only via the freight service according to the following fixed prices:

Light vehicles

2 000F
4X4 / SUV

4 000F

Need to ship a bike, we offer specific packages depending on their size:


5 000F

2 500F

A special occasion that requires shipping a cake?
We offer pricing based on the number of slices of the cake.