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Freight services

Rates and conditions

Want to know the price you will have to pay for your next shipment? We provide you with a simulator to allow you to obtain an estimate according to the specificities of your packages.

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Shipments of your parcels are billed per kilo depending on the destination

120 F
The kilo between the islands or between the stopovers of Touho and Koné
140 F
The kilo between Nouméa and the Isle of Pines, between Nouméa and Koné
160 F
The kilo between Nouméa and the Loyalties

Good to know

  • The company charges a minimum collection equivalent to 2 kilos
  • The prices displayed are exclusive of tax – TGC of 6% applicable
  • A freight fee of 5F/kg is applied to each shipment.
  • Service charges of 100 F, non-refundable, are invoiced per package: consider grouping your packages. See our tips

A la carte options

Options allow you to benefit from additional services to meet your needs.
They are triggered automatically depending on the type of goods you want to ship.

Sending a lobster cooler to Nouméa will only be possible by choosing the priority option, for example!

Specific labels for the transportation of dangerous goods are available at the cargo counters of your airports at a flat rate of 100F per unit.

Need last-minute plastic packaging? To secure the shipment of your parcels, our cargo counters offer plastic protective overwrapping at a fixed price of 200F.

Delivery times

The goods are transported according to the availability of flights as soon as possible in accordance with the chronology of the deposit of the goods.

When you drop off a package, you can choose the priority option which will allow you to ship on the next available flight.
If you want to be sure that it is sent before all the other pending packages, let our teams know.
Otherwise, it will leave as soon as possible, in turn compared to other dropped parcels.