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Formalities and travel documents

In accordance with the regulations in force, at each stage of your trip,
proof of identity for you and your children will be requested.

In the absence of a verification of the concordance between your ticket, your boarding pass and your proof of identity, you will not be able to check in or board.

The identity documents accepted on our flights are the following valid originals:


Good to know

How to prove the identity of a baby?

Up to 3 months after the baby’s 2nd birthday, the family record book, birth certificate extract and social security cards are also accepted for the trip.

Is a document whose validity date has expired accepted?

The proof of identity must be the original valid one.

French national identity cards issued to adults and issued between January 2, 2004 and December 31, 2013 are also valid for an additional 5 years after their expiry date.

For a minor under 13 years old and for travel until September 30, 2023, if the identification document is no longer valid, it is accepted up to 2 years after the indicated expiration date.

I lost my identity documents? What do I do?

Your trip is approaching and you no longer have any proof of identity to present. The deadlines are too short to redo them. Our security department accepts a copy of your valid proof of identity, provided that it is of good quality (paper or digital), that the photo is similar and that you present the official declaration of loss.

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