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If your pregnancy progresses normally, you can travel without any particular formalities until the 38th week. From the 38th week, a medical certificate of less than 24 hours attesting to a very low risk of imminent childbirth is required in addition to the liability waiver. Inform the sales agents of your pregnancy when making your reservation.

The maximum authorized dimension in the hold is 0.60m X 1.80m X 1.20m.
The maximum weight allowed for one piece of luggage is 23 kg.
You have free baggage allowance depending on the fare class of your ticket.
It is 12kg maximum per adult, 12kg maximum per child, 5kg maximum for babies (0-23 months old) for Standard, Leisure, Super Leisure and Promo classes.
If you have paid a YFLEX fare, your excess is 23 kg maximum per adult and per child, 5 kg for babies (0-23 months old).

You are foresighted.

Two options are available to you if you need to carry more weight than allowed by your baggage allowance:

  1. Reserve an additional baggage package on our website from your personal space or through our agents in person or by phone. This option is available up to 4 hours before your scheduled flight departure.
  2. Ship your excess baggage at a lower cost through our freight service by dropping off your packages a few days before your departure.

Only one piece of carry-on luggage is allowed per passenger, the maximum characteristics are: weight 5kg, dimensions 45 X 35 X 20 (cm).
An additional accessory is authorized on a commercial basis (bag, camera, etc.) if the accumulation with the carry-on does not exceed 5 kg.
The company provides you with templates to check the weight and size of your carry-on.
It may refuse your baggage if your carry-on is not compliant.

When your stroller is checked in as checked baggage, upon request during check-in, you can keep it until boarding the plane.
Babies (0-23 months old) have a baggage allowance of 5kg, the stroller is considered as baggage.

To ensure your trip in the best safety conditions, the company may have to adapt its services. The equipment of airport facilities – length of runways as navigation tools – can force us, when the weather is unfavorable, to reduce the load of planes taking off and therefore postpone the routing of baggage. We also recommend that you keep the essential personal objects: keys, papers, medicine, etc with you in the cabin.

For all Air Calédonie destinations, passengers are requested to arrive 70 minutes before departure to check-in.
This is also possible directly online and allows you to arrive to board.
The check-in deadline, i.e. the time limit beyond which you can no longer check in or drop off your luggage, is 30 minutes before the departure time.

Only the transport of dogs and cats in the hold is authorized via the Freight service.

You must specify this when booking your ticket :   blind or with reduced mobility, in addition to the assistance you will obtain at the airport, our aircraft can only accept a limited number of passengers requiring assistance.
For example, 6 seats per plane are available for Passengers with Reduced Mobility, only 1 for passengers unable to move

You can carry a cremation urn either in the cabin or in the hold. In the cabin: The maximum dimensions are those of carry-on luggage 55cm x 35cm x 25cm. In the cabin and in the hold: The ballot box must be sealed and packaged in a container that does not allow other passengers to identify it as such. Finally, you must be in possession of a certificate from the crematorium, in order to avoid the opening of the urn by the security services.