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Whether it is in the making or your children are already accompanying you, the company will know how to welcome and take care of your family.

Babies and children

Our little travelers are considered “babies” until they are 2 years old. Once their second candle has blown out, they are considered “children” until their 12th birthday, after which they become “adults”. Anyway, time always passes too quickly and we do not see them grow! Take care of your children, they are your responsibility throughout the trip.

For security reasons, the number of children under 2 years old (babies) on board our planes is limited to 6. Our cabin crew will accompany you to bring babies to safety: the baby fare does not allow you to have a seat during the flight, baby will travel on the lap of one of his parents or an adult over 18 who is responsible.

Finally, be aware that an accompanying person can only have one baby under their responsibility and that it will therefore be necessary to be as many adults as babies!

Babies (up to 23 months old) have a baggage allowance of 5kg.
Childcare accessories such as strollers are considered baggage and count towards the allowance.

Your baby will travel on your lap, with a special belt. Our cabin crew are there to explain what to do on board.
The car seat, meanwhile, is not accepted in the cabin: it is checked baggage, which is part of your authorized allowance.

Children and babies travel at reduced prices. See price details

You must take an “infant” ticket for the outward flight and another “child” ticket for the return flight.
See price details

Pregnant women

Pregnant women whose pregnancy progresses without particularity, can travel without specific formality until the thirty-eighth (38th) week. From this date, the pregnant woman must provide a medical certificate of less than 24 hours, attesting to a very low risk of imminent delivery.

However, the Company advises you to consult your doctor before your departure in all cases.

Sales agents should be informed of pregnancy when booking.

Unaccompanied Minors

The company is working to offer a UM service to allow booking tickets for children traveling alone!

In the meantime, minor children must travel with an adult who is at least 18 years old, valid and responsible, or their legal representative.

The travel reservation must be made on the same file.