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On november 12 : see you at the Kaneka Legend festival
12 October 2022

Air Calédonie is proud to partner with Le Mouv’NC for the first edition of the Kaneka Légende festival: the concert event which will take place on November 12 at the Arène du Sud. The company is pleased to help you win tickets for this unique festival!

The great kaneka gala

As a key player in New Caledonian cultural development, Le Mouv’ organizes the first festival dedicated to Kanéka at the Arène du Sud. This is the first time that the Arène du Sud will host a festival with 100% local artists. This concert-event is the perfect opportunity for all the communities of the country to come together to enjoy the interpretations of the emblematic artists of Kanéka whose melodies have rocked New Caledonian families for decades.

A colorful programm

The program will allow you to rediscover the great classics of Kaneka and to travel to different areas of our country according to the styles of Kaneka that will be offered to you. You will thus have the pleasure of finding on stage seven legendary groups who have responded to perform their greatest hits: Bwanjep, Vamaley, Edou, Dick & Hnatr, Mea Nebe, Becim and Hyarison.

Win your tickets with Air Calédonie

Entre amis ou en famille, vous êtes attendus nombreux à l’Arène du Sud le 12 novembre. Et pour vous permettre de participer à cette grande fête du Kaneka, Air Calédonie a le plaisir de vous faire gagner plusieurs places pour le Kaneka Legend dès aujourd’hui sur la page Facebook. Alors suivez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous aurez peut-être une seconde chance de remporter vos entrées pour l’évènement avant le Jour-J !

Je prends ma place !