General Information

Is online payment secure?

Absolutely, the "s" appearing after "http" in the URL indicates that you are viewing a secure page. Air Calédonie chose the secure settlement system of Paybox System. This system guaranties electronic transactions in the safest conditions possible.

Can I buy a ticket online on the day of departure?

Yes, you can buy your ticket online until the day of departure.

I bought a ticket online, how can I get an invoice?

Once you make your payment online, you receive a travel summary and an e-ticket with a Payment receipt on your email address. 

I have a technical issue while booking my flight, who should I contact?

For any issue when booking on our website (travel memo not received, etc.) please contact us by email at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

How can I book a flight when I don’t have credit card?

Only credit card payment is accepted on the website. You can visit Air Calédonie sales offices or any approved travel agency to book your ticket.

Can I fly during my pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is developing normally, you can travel without any particular formalities up to the 38th week. As of the 38th week,  a medical certificate issued less than 24 hours, evidencing a very low risk of imminent delivery is required. Inform the sales agents of your pregnancy when booking.

What are the size and weight limits for checked baggage?

Your allowance for checked baggage is 12kg maximum per adult, 8kg maximum per child (2-11 years), 5kg for infant(0 -23 months). The maximum weight allowed for luggage is 23 kg for an adult.
When paying a fare YFLEX your baggage allowance is 20 kg maximum per adult and 14 kg maximum per child (2-11 years), 5kg for infant (0 -23 months).

I have excess baggage, how can I pay them?

You are planning
You can increase your baggage allowance when you purchase your ticket in agency, online or by phone; at any time after the purchase of your ticket and until a few hours before the departure of your flight.
The offer "excess baggage allowance" allows you to benefit from a 20% discount compared to the rates charged at check-in.

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. These packages are not refundable once the trip has been made.
. These packages can not be transferred to another passenger.
. The reimbursement conditions for these packages are independent of the fare conditions of the air fare.

You did not anticipate
On the day of departure, go to the check-in counter and pay for each extra kilo.
Attention: payment in cash and credit card only.

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What are the size and weight limits for cabin baggage?

One cabin baggage per passenger is allowed, maximum features are: 5kg weight, dimensions 45 X 35 X 20 (cm). An additional accessory is permitted (bag, camera, etc.) provided that accumulation with hand luggage does not exceed 5 kg.

Can I take my stroller to the aircraft?

When your stroller is registered as checked baggage, upon request when checking in, you can keep it up to the aircraft, it will be put in the hold at boarding.

Is the stroller included in the baggage allowance of my baby?

Infant (0-23 months) have 5kg of baggage allowance, the troller is considered as a baggage.

Can I travel with my guitar?

The instrument shall be registered as checked baggage and shall be packed in a rigid container specially designed for the carriage of such baggage. Musical instruments may be included in the baggage allowance if their weight and dimensions comply with the permitted limits. Any improperly packaged instrument will not be accepted at check-in.

How far in advance of departure should I arrive at the airport?

For all Air Calédonie destinations, passengers are advised to arrive 70 mn before departure time. The deadline for registration (HLE) is the time limit beyond which you cannot register or deposit your baggage anymore, is 30 minutes before departure time.

Can I make a group reservation online?

A group is made up of at least 15 passengers minimum who travel together on the same flight. You need to contact Group Desk by email at following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I wish to make a claim, how should I proceed?

You must contact Customer Service by email at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Gives all details of encountered situation and join relevant supporting documents.

Can I travel with a pet?

Only the carriage in the hold of dogs and cats are allowed via freight service.

Can I travel with a funeral urn?

You can carry a funeral urn in the cabin or in the hold. In the cabin and in the hold: The urn must be sealed and packed in a container that does not allow other passengers to identify it as such. Finally you must be in possession of a certificate of the crematorium, to avoid the opening of the ballot box by the security services. In the cabin: The maximum dimensions are those of cabin luggage 55 cm x 35cm x 25cm.

I need assistance, what should I do?

You must specify when booking: blind or disabled, in addition to the assistance that you will get at the airport, our aircrafts can only accept a limited number of passengers requiring assistance.
For example, 6 seats per flight are available for Passengers with Reduced Mobility, 1 only for passengers unable to walk.