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How to save your boarding pass on your mobile
21 December 2022

First step: check-in online

To save your boarding pass on your smartphone, you must first check in online. It could not be easier. You will normally have received your booking confirmation by email the day you made it. This document contains all the elements of your reservation: travel dates, identity of the passenger(s), file number, etc. On our website, go to the page dedicated to online check-in. To check in online, enter your reservation number or your ticket number, indicated on your reservation confirmation. This number is made up of 6 characters (numbers and letters). From then on, all you have to do is confirm the identity of the passenger you want to check in online and you’re done!

Receive your boarding pass directly in your mailbox

When your online check-in is complete, you will immediately receive an email confirming your online check-in with your boarding pass in PDF format attached. So all you have to do is save the PDF document directly to your smartphone or take a screenshot of your boarding pass. Save it carefully in your mobile’s photo library. In any case, make sure that the bar code at the top of the document is clearly legible because it will be scanned by the agents of the company to allow you access to your plane.


That’s it: you’re checked in and you have your boarding pass saved on your smartphone. On the day of departure, if you have baggage to deposit in the hold, you no longer need to wait at the check-in counter; head straight to the dedicated bag drop line! You can leave your baggage in the hold up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time on your ticket. All you have to do is pass the security check and get on board!

Good to know: if the weight of your luggage is greater than the allowance mentioned on your ticket, you will have to contact an agent at the check-in counter and free yourself of the weight of this excess. Find more information about cabin and hold baggage in our dedicated section.

See you soon!