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How to get the best prices all year round
11 October 2022

To go on holiday or visit your family, it is always appreciated to be able to benefit from plane tickets at the best price. Here are some tips that should help you enjoy attractive fares on our flights.

Anticipate your journey

The first reflex t to have is to book your flights in advance. And if we tend to think about it for long-haul flights, we often skip it for domestic flights. So to benefit from the best prices, the best thing you can do is to book your tickets as long as possible in advance. In addition to having the guarantee of having seats available on the travel dates you are planning, this will also allow you to have the choice among the different fare classes that we offer. Promo, Super Leisure, Standard… Make your choice according to your budget and fare’s conditions that suit you !

Choose your travel dates wisely

To be able to take advantage of the best rates, choose off-peak periods. You can plan to go out of school holidays, long weekends or even during the week. It will also allow you to enjoy maximum peace of mind on board and during your stay. And if you’re not too chilly, why not try a winter stay ? Period less popular with travelers, it is the ideal period to travel on a reduced budget.  Extra : you can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of Caledonian winter sunsets. For a weekend, prefer a departure on Saturday morning with a return on Monday.

Look out for promotional offers

Another tip: promotional offers! At Air Calédonie, we regularly offer you promotional offers to allow you to travel at reduced prices. Thanks to our Super Leisure rates, for example, you can discover Loyalty Islands or the North for 16,500F* A/R or treat yourself to a stay in Kunié lands at 12,600F A/R**.

Each month, you can also benefit from reduced rates during Happy Thursday. The principle is simple : every first Thursday of the month and only for 24 hours, we offer you the possibility of booking your return tickets to one of our destinations at unbeatable prices. The destination of Happy Thursday is revealed a few days before the start of the offer on our social networks or via our newsletter. You know what you have left to do.

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*fare conditions

**fare conditions