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Give wings to your desires by booking tickets for your next trips!
Our booking engine gives you access to all available seats on our upcoming flights. Follow our few tips for a serene reservation.

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The availability of different fare classes varies by day and time. We invite you to anticipate your reservations as much as possible in order to have the choice of the fare class of your plane ticket. Certain periods, such as school holidays, or certain flights, such as those at the start and end of the weekend, are more popular than others and it will be rarer to find Super Leisure or Promos without anticipating your reservations.

When making a reservation, immediately check the travel memo to ensure that the itinerary and fare class match your expectations.

If you need special assistance, please specify this at the time of booking.

To travel, you must prove your identity. Take the time to check their validity before the trip to be serene at the time of airport formalities.

The health crisis has had an impact on domestic air travel.

The Government of New Caledonia has implemented health protocols with the various authorities that the company enforces for everyone’s safety.

To travel with complete peace of mind, consult the protocols to follow before your trip.

It is important to specify clearly at the time of booking:

  • the surname and first name that appear on your proof of identity,
  • your telephone and email contacts, favoring the mobile phone number.

These contacts will allow us to notify you in the event of a change in your flight program.

If you have connecting flights, it is up to you to schedule your flights on our lines far enough away in time so that a last-minute contingency cannot compromise your trip.

It is advisable to take out insurance for all travel and luggage.
Each passenger must also ensure the conditions applicable to the use of their ticket and, if necessary, take out the appropriate insurance to cover the cases where they would have to cancel their journey.

The times indicated by Air Calédonie are subject to change without notice, we advise you to check the day before your trip to check that the times shown on your travel memo have not been changed.