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The boarding deadline is specified on your boarding pass and must be respected.

Depending on the stopovers, a security check is put in place.
Be careful to allow enough time to pass the screening checkpoint and show up on time to board your flight.

Our ground teams will invite passengers traveling with children, or passengers in need of assistance to board as a priority so that they can be given special attention.
Seating on board is free but your crew will guide you according to the operational recommendations for the distribution of seats.

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Good to know

What time should be respected between diving and the flight?

The maximum cabin altitude at our destinations is 6,470 feet.
A delay of 12 hours is recommended to be able to combine the pleasure of diving and that of flights on our lines.
It is therefore no problem to fly if you dive the day before!
Do not hesitate to contact a diving professional to complete this answer.