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Classes and fare conditions

The company offers a grid with 5 different fare classes.

Each fare class corresponds to a specific offer: a ticket with conditions of availability, price, modification and/or cancellation, baggage allowance, as well as time between the outward and return journeys.

This allows you to choose your ticket according to your needs and expectations.

Table of classes and fare conditions

Children and babies benefit from reduced rates


Good to know

How to choose your fare class?

If you want a flexible ticket, W and YFlex classes allow change and refund without penalty.
Promo class tickets are neither modifiable nor refundable, but allow you to take advantage of the best prices for your reservations.
All other fare classes are modifiable and refundable before departure, with the application of more or less significant penalties.

What if I can't travel?

Remember to make your modification and refund requests before departure, this frees up the seats for other passengers and avoids you greater penalties, or the impossibility of using your tickets.

What are the details and validity of the fares?

Rates applicable from January 12, 2021.
All our rates are displayed excluding service charges, with 3% TGC, taxes and airport charges included.
They are subject to change without notice.  See tax details