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You can pay by credit card (except American Express) at all of our points of sale.

You can also use a remote payment form to make a transfer to our remote sales teams ( and 25.21.77)

Our self-service areas, ticket offices and agencies also accept cash.

The payment of Promo fares cannot be deferred: it is necessary to pay for your reservation when you choose the date and time of your flight.

Other fare classes can be booked as an option, with a deadline by which payment must be made for tickets to be confirmed and issued.

However, within 15 days of the trip, payment is required to confirm the reservation.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in installments at the moment. However, you can offer gift vouchers of the value you want: the person can then complete to buy the ticket they want. See gift vouchers

Fares apply only to carriage from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of destination, unless otherwise specified. They do not include surface transport between airports, or between airports and city terminals.

All our fare classes include checked baggage allowances

Domestic air fares are regulated and approved by the government of New Caledonia. The company’s Sales Department offers promotional offers throughout the year to boost sales during the least requested periods.

Your reservation, regardless of the fare class chosen, is accompanied, for each passenger, by service charges which are never refundable. These are 515F on the website or in our self-service areas and 1030F when the reservation is made with our agents (25.21.77,, counters).

The price of your ticket is communicated all taxes included. It is therefore made up of the various taxes and fees calculated according to the airports for the financing of airport structures.

The “Promo” fare class corresponds to a reduced fare for a round trip booking with a minimum of one night at the destination. This rate is non-modifiable, non-refundable and subject to availability. The offers are for sale over a specific period and allow reservations to be made over defined periods. Payment must be immediate for the reservation to be confirmed. Table of pricing conditions

A reservation is nominative, the modification of a ticket consists of changing the date or time of the flight. It is not possible to change the name of the passenger or the itinerary.

The fares are applicable for the flight(s) indicated on the Travel Memo from the point of departure to the point of destination, on the date of purchase of the electronic ticket and according to the fare class chosen. Any change in itinerary or travel date may affect fare class availability and therefore applicable fare.

Only fare class W allows you to make a round trip on the same day. All other classes require a minimum overnight stay at destination.

There is no specific rate for works councils. We do however offer rates for  group travel.

You must take a “baby” ticket to go and another “child” ticket for the return. Price details