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Prohibited and regulated products and special baggage

Certain items known as “dangerous goods” are considered dangerous when they pose a risk to your health, your safety and that of the aircraft.

These items are either prohibited for check-in, whether in the hold or cabin, or regulated, i.e. they can be transported but under certain conditions.

In addition, certain goods may be transported via the freight service exclusively. Find a non-exhaustive list here.

The regulations for air freight transport are very strict.

You must declare the transport of dangerous goods: lithium batteries, oxygen or air cylinders in gaseous form, cartridges
for small arms, non-flammable gas cartridges chemical agent control equipment, diving lamps and soldering irons.

If in doubt, ask the check-in teams for advice.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact our teams in agencies, at airports or by telephone at 25.21.77.

Special baggage

Whether you are going to admire the gorgonians while diving in Lifou, or whether you want to take your bike along the Ouvéa coast from thr north to the south, or even whether you are flying away to share an evening around the fire accompanied by your guitar with your family and friends in Maré, find recommendations for your special luggage here.

  • Scuba tank only if empty.
  • Diving flashlight, separate the bulb and the batteries (reversed batteries in the flashlight, if separate batteries in carry-on baggage). If the size of the lamp is greater than 20cm, it is prohibited in the cabin (security).
  • Knives and other sharp instruments must be in your checked baggage and protected.

The fishing rod must be packed in a rigid case so as not to risk being damaged during transport. The company will decline any responsibility in the contrary case.

Underwater rifle: it is necessary to protect the arrow, on both sides if necessary, and to provide sufficient packaging. Explosive arrows (detonating device “doumdoum”) are prohibited.

Surfboards, kiteboards, bodyboards, etc., with a maximum length of 1.80 m will be accepted in the hold subject to space availability.

Can I check in a stroller if I am traveling with a baby?

Babies (up to 23 months old) have a baggage allowance of 5kg. Childcare accessories such as strollers are considered baggage, and their weight is counted towards the allowed allowance of the purchased ticket.

Can I bring my baby’s car seat on board?

Your baby will travel on your lap, secured with a special belt. Our cabin crew will explain the procedure to you on board. However, the car seat itself is not accepted in the cabin; it must be checked as baggage, and its weight is counted towards the allowed allowance of the purchased ticket.

It is advisable to disassemble the wheels and attach them to each side of the frame, as well as to place and fix the handlebars parallel to the frame. The company offers specific packages via the Freight service.

Bicycles & electric bikes (e-bike, scooter, VAE hoverboard, etc.) are not accepted as checked baggage, but can be handled via our freight service.

All about freight

Firearms for hunting or sport are allowed for transport in checked baggage or cargo, provided they are unloaded. Ammunition can also be securely packed in luggage, up to a maximum gross weight of 5kg per passenger. Ammunition can also be shipped as cargo, up to a limit of 25kg per package, provided they are declared and comply with dangerous goods packaging: UN standard and hazard label. These procedures can be carried out at the Magenta Cargo counter.

Musical instruments must be checked in. Even small ones (ukulele, violin, etc.) are not allowed in the cabin.

It is therefore strongly recommended to transport them in a rigid case so that they are not damaged during transport. The company will decline any responsibility in the contrary case.

Beyond the maximum dimensions authorized in the hold (0.60m X 1.80m X 1.20m), it is possible to check in musical instruments via the Freight Service.

Animals are not allowed in the cabin but the transport of domestic cats and dogs is authorized in the hold, via our service Freight Transport of animals (freight)

If you need to transport plants, you must contact the freight department. The transport of plants between the islands is subject to strict regulations which aim to limit the spread of diseases and parasites on the islands. See website
For example, to eradicate the Oryctes rhinoceros beetle, any movement of plant plants, compost and any other breeding substrate from Grande Terre to the islands (Loyalty Islands, Isle of Pines, Belep, Tiga) is prohibited. (see note from the Government of New Caledonia No. 2023-DAVAR-SIVAP-3474).

The transport of tires is accepted only via the freight service.
Specific packages are offered. All about freight

  • If used on board the dimensions must not exceed: H22cm*L58cm*D38cm max, the POC will be stowed under the seat in front of the passenger
  • If not used, it must respect the maximum dimensions of carry-on baggage or checked baggage  

The transport of televisions and screens is only accepted via the freight service.


Good to know

During the check-in of our passengers and with the aim of ensuring the safety of our flights, our agents may request the opening of luggage.
These will not be transported if this control is refused.
Finally, in the event of an inaccurate declaration on the nature of a product or the discovery of dangerous materials in one of your luggage, you expose yourself to criminal proceedings. The goods will be immediately confiscated and examined by the competent authority.


In order to facilitate the preparation of luggage, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has developed the AIRBAG application which you can also refer to.