Origin’air, Air Caledonie’s on-board magazine

An invitation to travel to the four corners of Caledonia

Every quarter, your airline offers you its Origin’air flight magazine. Throughout the pages, Origin’air offers you an invitation to travel in our pretty Caledonia. Discover or rediscover the destinations served by Air Caledonia through articles and reports. You will discover the natural and cultural heritage of Caledonia but also colorful encounters, in the North, the Loyalties and the Southern Province.

Extend the pleasure of reading after the flight

Origin’air accompanies you throughout your trip but also during your stay. Do not hesitate to take the magazine with you, we offer you a copy. You can also find all editions of our on-board magazine on our website.

The 24th edition, soon available on board our ATRs and online!

The 24th issue of our in-flight magazine will soon be available to all of our passengers. For the curious who do not have the opportunity to travel with us and recover their number, you can also find each Origin’air edition in free access on our website. Feel free to share it around!