The curtain falls on the Loyalty Islands Air Calédonie Triathlon.

Last weekend, Lifou hosted the third edition of the Loyalty Islands Triathlon by Air Calédonie alongside the Beach Festival. About a hundred participants gathered for this sporting event.

Notable performances were achieved by both women and men.

Triathletes competed in three race formats: the XS format – 375m swim, 10km bike, and 2.5km run; the S format – 750 meters swim, 20 kilometers bike, and 5 kilometers run; and the M format, which included 1.5 kilometers swim, 40 kilometers bike, and 10 kilometers run.

Under brilliant sunshine, Grégory Pottier claimed the first place in the S category, while Benjamin Maire secured victory in the M category. Among the women, Audrey Boureau emerged victorious in the S format, and Claire Jacquin claimed the top spot in the M format. Congratulations to all the winners! In addition to the adult courses, children were also invited to participate in this sports event. A non-timed race brought together young athletes eager to take on the challenge.



A festive event

This occasion marked the celebration of the Beach Festival, organized by the Islands Province and the Luengoni tribe. Athletes had the opportunity to explore Lifou and its activities, savor local cuisine, explore tourist attractions, and enjoy cultural performances.

Air Calédonie is delighted to have contributed to the success of this third edition of the Triathlon, organized in partnership with Challenge Organisation. As a memento, all participants received gifts in the company’s colors.

Congratulations to all participants, and we look forward to seeing you next year for another edition of this exceptional event!

Octobre Rose à bord

Pink October on board

Throughout the month of October, our crews adorned themselves in pink to support the fight against breast cancer.

In support of the Pink October campaign and the New Caledonia Committee – League Against Cancer, our airline’s pilots, stewards, and flight attendants proudly wore a small pink ribbon to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and early detection.

Every year, the New Caledonia Committee – League Against Cancer mobilizes for the implementation of the Pink October campaign, aimed at promoting women’s health and raising awareness about the fight against breast cancer. To learn more and support their initiatives, visit their Facebook page.

A great success for the Raid Air Calédonie on the Isle of Pines.

On Saturday, October 14, the 2023 edition of the Raid Air Calédonie on the Isle of Pines took place. The runners gathered at the starting line in Vao to cover the 16.5km race, crossing the Kunié lands and finishing the course in the magnificent bay of Kanuméra. To top it off, the sun was shining!

Impressive performances from both men and women.

For this 27th edition, more than 80 participants conquered the fifteen kilometers of the course. In the men’s category, Antoine Bargain secured the top spot on the podium, crossing the finish line in 1:05:18, ahead of Dumitru Santa (1:06:57) and Ronan Pain (1:08:14).

On the women’s side, Marietta Baty claimed the first place in 1:26:03. Maeva Kerouredan came in second with a time of 1:28:27. The podium was completed by Alizée Le Bris, who finished the race in 1:32:11.

Congratulations to all the participants!

Air Calédonie is proud to have been a part of the success of this great event, organized by its partner, Challenge Organisation. This wonderful day concluded with a friendly meal and the awarding of prizes to the winners in the Ouatchia tribe.

The winners each received a prize courtesy of the company. And if the winners were well-rewarded, all the runners were able to leave the Isle of Pines with a small gift in the colors of Air Calédonie to congratulate them for their participation.

Congratulations to all the participants, and see you next year!


This weekend, the very first edition of the Trail Air Calédonie d’Ouvéa was organized. Orchestrated by our partner Challenge Organisation, this great premiere attracted nearly a hundred participants.

Impressive performances in both races

The runners were able to compete in two race formats: the Mini Raid, covering nearly 10 km, starting from the bridge and finishing at the Mouli tribe. Guillaume Cases finished in first place, followed by Romain Rotondi and Simon Thiry in 50’12”.

The most experienced athletes started at 6:30 am and competed in the Grand Raid, a 20 km race. In this format, Eric Concé, who had already won the Raid Air Calédonie of the Isle of Pines last year, took first place. Benjamin Dockes finished in second place just over a minute later. The podium was completed by Sébastien Fernandes.

In addition to these two races, a family course was also offered so that both young and old could participate in this wonderful sporting event.



Congratulations to all participants!

Held in parallel with the Lagoon Festival, the participants were also invited to take part in this beautiful event. The athletes were able to learn more about Ouvéa and the island’s activities, including tasting local cuisine, discovering tourist activities, and enjoying cultural performances.

Air Calédonie is proud to have been able to contribute to the success of this major event organized by its partner, Challenge Organisation. The day concluded with a friendly meal and the awarding of prizes to the winners, provided by the company.

All the runners were able to leave Ouvéa with a small gift bearing the colors of Air Calédonie to congratulate them on their participation.

Congratulations to all the adventurers!

Anticipate your excess baggage to optimize their handling!

In order to better meet your needs and improve our services, the company is evolving its baggage policy. This evolution contributes to enhancing the customer journey and simplifying baggage management.

Additionally, to mitigate the consequences of transporting extra weight, the option to purchase excess baggage at the check-in counter will be suspended starting from July 1st. We kindly ask you to ensure compliance with the baggage allowances allocated per passenger and to plan ahead for any excess baggage by subscribing to the additional baggage option (available directly online in your account) or by using the freight service.

To best prepare for your trip, you can find more details on the baggage allowances on our dedicated page.

Air Calédonie and Air Tahiti share their technical expertise

As part of our historic partnership with Air Tahiti, a team from the technical management of Air Calédonie has been working in their maintenance workshops since the beginning of the month, and a Tahitian technician has come to provide us with specific expertise on corrosion points.

Detached teams

Anthony and Jordan, two of our technicians, have been on a mission since the beginning of March, supporting the maintenance visits of the Tahitian airline’s fleet, particularly on the ATR 72-600 and 42-500, which are well known to our teams. Integrated into Air Tahiti’s technical management, they are participating in various annual maintenance operations necessary to ensure flight safety.

Simon arrived from French Polynesia in mid-March and is contributing his expertise to measure the level of corrosion encountered on our aircraft, enabling our teams to treat them effectively.

A great challenge for our teams

In addition to Air Calédonie’s desire to position itself as a reference maintenance organization in the South Pacific region, approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), this detachment to Tahiti is also an opportunity for our technicians to discover another maintenance organization in an environment similar to that of Air Calédonie. This immersion at Air Tahiti is all the more enriching because these maintenance operations are carried out on older aircraft than those in our fleet, sometimes requiring more in-depth operations.

A strong collaboration between the two companies

For several years, the two companies have collaborated on various areas and shared their expertise. In 2022, for example, an Air Calédonie revenue management collaborator had participated in the overhaul of Air Tahiti’s commercial grid by reinforcing the team in Papeete for 4 weeks.

To be continued!

The codeshare between Aircalin and Air Calédonie is operational.

The code-share agreement signed with Aircalin last December is now effective after several months of implementation. As a result, customers can now purchase Air Calédonie flights to the Loyalty Islands and Isle of Pines under an Aircalin flight number, with a connecting airport change from their international flight. For example, customers can book a Singapore to Isle of Pines, Sydney to Lifou, or Paris to Ouvéa flight, with the possibility of an itinerary in the same booking and on the same transportation contract.

This agreement eases the reservation of a trip to New Caledonia for customers who can now purchase all their international and domestic flights directly from one distributor (such as a website or travel agency). Additionally, in case of any disruptions during their travel, passengers will be recognized and better taken care of to reschedule their trip or ensure the delivery of their luggage to their final destination.

Increase the visibility of the domestic network and meet the needs of the tourism industry.

This agreement is the result of two years of collaboration between the two companies and represents a significant step forward in their cooperation. Aircalin can now offer 6,000 domestic flights per year on the Caledonian network through this code-share, allowing Air Calédonie to display its flights in global distribution systems (such as tour operators, travel agencies, e-commerce, price comparators, etc.), and especially on tourist markets. This collaboration is a real opportunity for Air Calédonie to develop its international tourist sales and contribute to the development of the New Caledonian tourism industry.
This increased visibility of domestic destinations in international markets represents also a development opportunity for the New Caledonia tourism industry : it becomes possible to consider new medium-term progress, such as domestic flights with direct connections from Tontouta on a fleet adapted to the traffic.

Les demandes des Cartes Transport sont ouvertes !

Transport Card : congratulations to our winners!

After several weeks, the Carte Transport 2023 game ended on January 4 with the draw of the winners. Congratulations to them and thank you all for your participation!

A brand new game

As you may have noticed, the Transport Card has evolved a lot in 2023. To facilitate the procedures, it is now completely dematerialized: from the submission of the application to the receipt of the Transport Card in PDF format or via sms. Beneficiaries of the scheme now receive their Transport Card only 48 hours after submitting your file.

To mark the occasion, the company organized a game reserved for Transport Card applicants. Four plane tickets were therefore at stake (1 return ticket per island of residence) between November 17 and December 31, 2022. Upon simple registration when submitting the application, each participant registered on the draw list to win a plane ticket for his island of residence. You were more than 3,000 registered so thank you all for your participation.

Our 4 winners were therefore drawn and were able to leave with their plane tickets offered by the company. Good news to start the year off right.

Applications are still open!

If the game is over, applications for the Transporte Card are still open (and will be throughout the year).

To make your request, go to our dedicated page. All you have to do is fill out one form per person and attach the required supporting documents to each request.

You will also find all the information relating to the device: documents to be provided, period of validity, tutorial for booking tickets online, etc.

Origin’Air: #25 is on board!

30Start the year by discovering issue 25 of the Origin’Air in-flight magazine! The new number is available on board all the company’s aircraft. As you read, (re)discover Caledonian natural heritage, from the far north to the islands.

In the devil’s den of Tingeting

Origin’Air is also the discovery of new treasures. This issue invites you to meet the Trohmaë family, guardians of the devil’s lair in the north of Lifou. Enjoy the coolness of the cave while the Tromhaë tell you the many secrets of this mysterious cave.

Discovering the Golone Peninsula

You will then stop at Poum, in the far north. The Golone peninsula conceals more than one treasure. These crystal clear waters invite you to enjoy the serenity and beauty of this preserved natural space. From the peninsula, embark in the direction of Tiambouene islet. This spit of sand surrounded by turquoise water is a must.

Climb the Pic N’Ga

To end our trip, we invite you to put on your sneakers and take to the skies. Direction Kunié lands for the ascent of Pig N’Ga, the highest point of the Isle of Pines. At the end of the path, grandiose panoramas await you revealing the splendor of the Isle of Pines.

The pleasure of reading, even after your flight

Origin’air accompanies you throughout your trip but also during your stay. Do not hesitate to take the magazine with you, we offer you a copy. You can also find all the editions of our in-flight magazine in free access on our website.

Happy flying and happy reading!

Air Calédonie and Aircalin sign a code share agreement

After two years of work between the two Caledonian companies, Aircalin and Air Calédonie have signed a code share agreement which strengthens the partnership between the two companies.

The code-share between Air Calédonie and Aircalin

This large-scale project first required significant preparation and testing work in order to be able to apply the negotiated agreement. It is now done. This new code-share agreement will then allow the two companies to share its code on flights operated by the other company.

Offer new destinations to international customers

Concretely, during the 1st quarter of 2023, Aircalin will be able to sell tickets on Air Calédonie domestic flights directly to its foreign customers and on its own flight number. For example, an Australian customer will be able to buy a Sydney-Lifou on an Aircalin flight number from start to finish, with an itinerary in the same booking file and on the same transport contract, from a single travel agency. This represents a real opportunity to develop international tourism sales for Air Calédonie in particular and for New Caledonia in general. The customer will have a simpler and above all more integrated service, allowing him to prepare his stay serenely.