Origin’Air: #25 is on board!

30Start the year by discovering issue 25 of the Origin’Air in-flight magazine! The new number is available on board all the company’s aircraft. As you read, (re)discover Caledonian natural heritage, from the far north to the islands.

In the devil’s den of Tingeting

Origin’Air is also the discovery of new treasures. This issue invites you to meet the Trohmaë family, guardians of the devil’s lair in the north of Lifou. Enjoy the coolness of the cave while the Tromhaë tell you the many secrets of this mysterious cave.

Discovering the Golone Peninsula

You will then stop at Poum, in the far north. The Golone peninsula conceals more than one treasure. These crystal clear waters invite you to enjoy the serenity and beauty of this preserved natural space. From the peninsula, embark in the direction of Tiambouene islet. This spit of sand surrounded by turquoise water is a must.

Climb the Pic N’Ga

To end our trip, we invite you to put on your sneakers and take to the skies. Direction Kunié lands for the ascent of Pig N’Ga, the highest point of the Isle of Pines. At the end of the path, grandiose panoramas await you revealing the splendor of the Isle of Pines.

The pleasure of reading, even after your flight

Origin’air accompanies you throughout your trip but also during your stay. Do not hesitate to take the magazine with you, we offer you a copy. You can also find all the editions of our in-flight magazine in free access on our website.

Happy flying and happy reading!

Magenta Airport: a new car park available

Since July 2022, a new temporary car park has opened near the airport.

It was set up by the DAC (Civil Aviation Department) pending future work planned for 2023 on the airport’s main car park (P1).
Located just a few hundred meters from the airport, you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind! It is located near the sheds, next to the car rental car park.
On the practical side, this night-lit car park offers 134 parking spaces and is open Monday to Sunday from 4:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

As a reminder, you can also park for free:

At car park P1:
– 256 parking spaces
– continuous opening 7 days a week

At the P2 car park located 500 m from the airport:
– 116 parking spaces
– continuous opening from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. – 7 days a week
– free shuttles between the car park and the airport, round trip, every 15 minutes (frequency may be modified depending on air traffic) from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The P4 car park offers:
– 134 parking spaces
– continuous opening from 4:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
– parking lot lit at night

For more information, visit the CCI NC website!

Weather alert – Gradual return to normal

The evolution of the unfavorable weather conditions that have impacted operations since Monday, December 26 will ensure a return to normal on Thursday, December 29.

Indeed, the teams have made every effort to offer passengers affected by flight cancellations transfers to the next available flights or solutions for postponing their trips. The rerouting of unloaded baggage at destination is also being finalized.

The company thanks its customers for their patience and understanding and calls for the greatest vigilance regarding the weather forecasts for the last weekend of the year.

Heavy rain and thunderstorm warning : flight program changes

The current weather conditions have impacted the airline’s flight schedules since December 26.
Several flights were cancelled, other flights were delayed and some planes, due to the impossibility of landing on the Magenta runway, had to land at Tontouta.
In order to ensure a maximum of flights while guaranteeing the safety of passengers and crew, the company is forced, in such circumstances, to reduce its carrying capacity. This means that the weight of the aircraft must be lightened to allow take-offs and landings and in fact, non-priority freight packages remain on the ground, and certain passengers and/or baggage can be disembarked.

In this particularly busy holiday season, the company has committed all its resources to meet the high demand and thus has few resources to hire additional flights.

Thereby :
In case of cancellation of your flight: you will be notified by text message and transfer solutions will be offered to you as soon as possible according to the possibilities. The company recommends to its customers, given this exceptional situation, to postpone their trip as far as possible. All tickets can be postponed without penalty from December 26 to 28 inclusive, in the same price category as initially reserved.
These changes can be made by email (vente@air-caledonie.nc) or by telephone with our agents on 25 21 77.

In the event of unloaded baggage: the company apologizes for this inconvenience and does everything in its power to redirect it to its destination as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, given the situation, these reroutings will not be able to take place before 28/11.
Do not hesitate to ask the staff of the company of your stopover in order to obtain more information.

The company thanks its customers for their understanding and hopes for a return to normal as soon as possible.

Weather conditions: Flight program changes

Due to weather conditions and in order to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew, the company is forced to modify its flight schedule and is likely to limit its payload capacity.

All the passengers concerned have been notified according to the contact details left when booking. Our teams are mobilized to offer transfer solutions.

The company regrets this situation beyond its control and thanks its customers for their understanding.

How to save your boarding pass on your mobile

First step: check-in online

To save your boarding pass on your smartphone, you must first check in online. It could not be easier. You will normally have received your booking confirmation by email the day you made it. This document contains all the elements of your reservation: travel dates, identity of the passenger(s), file number, etc. On our website, go to the page dedicated to online check-in. To check in online, enter your reservation number or your ticket number, indicated on your reservation confirmation. This number is made up of 6 characters (numbers and letters). From then on, all you have to do is confirm the identity of the passenger you want to check in online and you’re done!

Receive your boarding pass directly in your mailbox

When your online check-in is complete, you will immediately receive an email confirming your online check-in with your boarding pass in PDF format attached. So all you have to do is save the PDF document directly to your smartphone or take a screenshot of your boarding pass. Save it carefully in your mobile’s photo library. In any case, make sure that the bar code at the top of the document is clearly legible because it will be scanned by the agents of the company to allow you access to your plane.


That’s it: you’re checked in and you have your boarding pass saved on your smartphone. On the day of departure, if you have baggage to deposit in the hold, you no longer need to wait at the check-in counter; head straight to the dedicated bag drop line! You can leave your baggage in the hold up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time on your ticket. All you have to do is pass the security check and get on board!

Good to know: if the weight of your luggage is greater than the allowance mentioned on your ticket, you will have to contact an agent at the check-in counter and free yourself of the weight of this excess. Find more information about cabin and hold baggage in our dedicated section.

See you soon!

Air Calédonie and Aircalin sign a code share agreement

After two years of work between the two Caledonian companies, Aircalin and Air Calédonie have signed a code share agreement which strengthens the partnership between the two companies.

The code-share between Air Calédonie and Aircalin

This large-scale project first required significant preparation and testing work in order to be able to apply the negotiated agreement. It is now done. This new code-share agreement will then allow the two companies to share its code on flights operated by the other company.

Offer new destinations to international customers

Concretely, during the 1st quarter of 2023, Aircalin will be able to sell tickets on Air Calédonie domestic flights directly to its foreign customers and on its own flight number. For example, an Australian customer will be able to buy a Sydney-Lifou on an Aircalin flight number from start to finish, with an itinerary in the same booking file and on the same transport contract, from a single travel agency. This represents a real opportunity to develop international tourism sales for Air Calédonie in particular and for New Caledonia in general. The customer will have a simpler and above all more integrated service, allowing him to prepare his stay serenely.

Modification of the December 16 flight schedule

Following several cases of Covid-19 declared among flight personnel, the company is forced to modify its flight schedule for the day of December 16.

Thus, the following flights are cancelled:
– flight TY113 bound for Maré, departure scheduled for 3:20 p.m., is cancelled;
– flight TY114 to Nouméa from Maré, departure scheduled for 4:30 p.m., is cancelled;
– flight TY 219 bound for Lifou, departure scheduled for 3:40 p.m., is cancelled;
– flight TY220 bound for Nouméa from Lifou, departure scheduled for 4:50 p.m., is cancelled;
– flight TY419 bound for the Isle of Pines, departure scheduled for 6:10 p.m. is cancelled;
– flight TY420 bound for Nouméa from the Isle of Pines, departure scheduled for 7:40 p.m. is cancelled;
– flight TY311 bound for Ouvéa, departure scheduled for 6:30 p.m., is cancelled;
– flight TY312 to Nouméa from Ouvéa, departure scheduled for 7:40 p.m., is cancelled.

The company has set up additional rotations starting tomorrow, Saturday December 17, in order to allow the customers concerned to reach their destination as soon as possible. Each passenger will receive their flight transfer information by email or text message according to the contact details left at the time of booking.

The company regrets this situation and thanks its customers for their understanding.

Trail Air Calédonie de Maré: a successful first edition

For the first time, the Trail Air Calédonie de Maré took place at the tribe of Eni on December 10th. This race attracted more than a hundred who came to compete on this brand new course which allowed them to (re)discover the Nengone country.

Great performances

Runners competed for victory on 3 different courses according to their level: the 19 km Grand Raid, the 8 km Mini Raid and the 3 km family course for young and old! A race in an idyllic setting with a departure from Yédjélé beach and an arrival at Eni beach. For the men, it was Eric Concé, who had already won first place in the Raid Air Calédonie de l’Ile des Pins, who won the 19km event in 1:29:05. Jeremy Marie and Brice Vannier complete the podium in second and third place. On the women’s side, Angie Le Scoarnec arrives in first position after only in 2:03:29, ahead of Marion Jaumaux and Chloé Colamaria. Congratulations to our athletes !

An event under the sign of conviviality

In parallel with the Trail, participants could also go to the Littoral festival organized by the Eni tribe the same weekend. For this second edition, the runners who came to the site were able to discover the many seafood products of the tribe, take part in nautical outings, stroll around the market and enjoy the activities offered for the occasion. It was also at the Fête du Littoral that the Trail award ceremony took place. Air Calédonie is happy to have been able to contribute to the success of this first edition of the Trail de Maré, organized by its partner Challenge Organisation. To congratulate all the participants were able to leave with a lot of gifts in the colors of the company.

Congratulations to all participants and see you soon!