Trail Air Calédonie d’Ouvéa: Your New Sporting Event !

Put on your sneakers and get ready to take on a new challenge: the Trail Air Calédonie d’Ouvéa!

Air Calédonie, in partnership with Challenge Organisation, invites you to this brand new event on June 24th. For this first edition, unique courses and activities await you in the Mouli tribe!


The Ouvéa Trail is designed to be accessible to all levels of athletes. You can therefore register for three different courses: the Grand Raid (17 km), the Mini Raid of 10 km. For small tribes, choose the 3km family course that will allow you to push yourself with your loved ones.

For this first edition, the organizers are preparing breathtaking courses during which you can appreciate the highlights of the island closest to paradise: the Mouli tribe, the Mouli bridge, and also the Hnyimek bay in Lékine.

After the effort, the comfort! In the evening, a buffet will be offered during which the top three finishers in each race will be awarded prizes.


This same weekend, Ouvéa will celebrate its lagoon! Take advantage of your participation in the Trail to enjoy a weekend of festivities in the Mouli tribe for the Lagoon Festival organized on the same weekend. This event is the perfect opportunity to discover Ouvéa, its inhabitants, and their know-how. Enjoy musical entertainment, discover local products, and appreciate the cuisine of the on-site food stands. Enough to have an excellent weekend on the island closest to paradise.

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All that’s left is for you to train. It’s your turn to play!

I’m registering.

Air Calédonie and Air Tahiti share their technical expertise

As part of our historic partnership with Air Tahiti, a team from the technical management of Air Calédonie has been working in their maintenance workshops since the beginning of the month, and a Tahitian technician has come to provide us with specific expertise on corrosion points.

Detached teams

Anthony and Jordan, two of our technicians, have been on a mission since the beginning of March, supporting the maintenance visits of the Tahitian airline’s fleet, particularly on the ATR 72-600 and 42-500, which are well known to our teams. Integrated into Air Tahiti’s technical management, they are participating in various annual maintenance operations necessary to ensure flight safety.

Simon arrived from French Polynesia in mid-March and is contributing his expertise to measure the level of corrosion encountered on our aircraft, enabling our teams to treat them effectively.

A great challenge for our teams

In addition to Air Calédonie’s desire to position itself as a reference maintenance organization in the South Pacific region, approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), this detachment to Tahiti is also an opportunity for our technicians to discover another maintenance organization in an environment similar to that of Air Calédonie. This immersion at Air Tahiti is all the more enriching because these maintenance operations are carried out on older aircraft than those in our fleet, sometimes requiring more in-depth operations.

A strong collaboration between the two companies

For several years, the two companies have collaborated on various areas and shared their expertise. In 2022, for example, an Air Calédonie revenue management collaborator had participated in the overhaul of Air Tahiti’s commercial grid by reinforcing the team in Papeete for 4 weeks.

To be continued!

The codeshare between Aircalin and Air Calédonie is operational.

The code-share agreement signed with Aircalin last December is now effective after several months of implementation. As a result, customers can now purchase Air Calédonie flights to the Loyalty Islands and Isle of Pines under an Aircalin flight number, with a connecting airport change from their international flight. For example, customers can book a Singapore to Isle of Pines, Sydney to Lifou, or Paris to Ouvéa flight, with the possibility of an itinerary in the same booking and on the same transportation contract.

This agreement eases the reservation of a trip to New Caledonia for customers who can now purchase all their international and domestic flights directly from one distributor (such as a website or travel agency). Additionally, in case of any disruptions during their travel, passengers will be recognized and better taken care of to reschedule their trip or ensure the delivery of their luggage to their final destination.

Increase the visibility of the domestic network and meet the needs of the tourism industry.

This agreement is the result of two years of collaboration between the two companies and represents a significant step forward in their cooperation. Aircalin can now offer 6,000 domestic flights per year on the Caledonian network through this code-share, allowing Air Calédonie to display its flights in global distribution systems (such as tour operators, travel agencies, e-commerce, price comparators, etc.), and especially on tourist markets. This collaboration is a real opportunity for Air Calédonie to develop its international tourist sales and contribute to the development of the New Caledonian tourism industry.
This increased visibility of domestic destinations in international markets represents also a development opportunity for the New Caledonia tourism industry : it becomes possible to consider new medium-term progress, such as domestic flights with direct connections from Tontouta on a fleet adapted to the traffic.

Weather conditions : Flight schedule changes – Tuesday March 16th

Due to very unfavorable weather conditions, the company is informing its passengers of numerous flight cancellations both in progress and anticipated.

Affected passengers will be notified as soon as possible by email or SMS using the contact information provided during booking. Tickets can be rescheduled without penalty until July 31, 2023, and in the same fare class as the initial booking.

These changes can be made via email ( or by phone with our agents at 25 21 77.

The company regrets this situation which is beyond its control and thanks its customers for their understanding.

Travelling off peak : the best way to enjoy your trip !

The beautiful summer vacation has given way to the calm of the back-to-school period. And while some have decided to wait for the next vacation to plan their next trip, for others, traveling during off-peak periods can be a very advantageous alternative.

Make great savings

The main reason why you should choose to travel during off-peak periods is to be able to benefit from the best rates. Indeed, during periods of high traffic, demand is high. Consequently, the best rates are highly sought after and availability quickly disappears. By choosing to travel during off-peak periods, you can take advantage of our best rates on air tickets and benefit from more availability on the dates you have selected. You can, for example, take advantage of the Super Loisir or Loisir fare to travel at a reduced price. Additionally, you can also take advantage of better deals and promotions for accommodation and tourist activities. If you want an all-inclusive stay, contact our approved agencies for the organization of your next vacation. Our partner travel agencies will offer you their best deals including flights and accommodation.

More serenity at the destination

Traveling during off-peak periods can also offer the advantage of visiting our destinations while enjoying more tranquility because they are less crowded than during peak periods. You will appreciate visiting the must-see places of our destinations in peace, especially those popular with vacationers like the “marmites” of Cap des Pins in Lifou or the natural pool on the Isle of Pines. Far from the frenzy of vacations or long weekends, this will also be an opportunity to discover your destination in a more authentic way and to mingle more with the local culture.

Favorable weather conditions

Finally, traveling during off-peak periods can also offer the advantage of enjoying more favorable weather conditions. Avoid the heat of December and January and choose instead to travel during the cool season, which will be just as pleasant. The months of May and June seem to be the most favorable periods for travel if you want to travel during off-peak periods: the cyclone season will have ended and the temperatures are still very mild before the start of the cool season.

Traveling during off-peak periods can offer you many advantages. If you are flexible on your travel dates, we strongly encourage you to consider this option for your next trip!

Tropical depression Kevin – Evolution of the situation on March 3d

New Caledonia remains on pre-alert due to the passage of the tropical depression Kevin near the territory. Heavy rain and strong winds are expected until midday on Saturday March 4, with potential repercussions on flight schedules.

Passengers concerned will be notified by sms or email according to the contact details left at the reservation and transfer solutions will be offered on the next available flights.

The company apologizes for the inconvenience caused and invites its customers to click here for more information on operational hazards’ treatment

Minimum service from March 7 to 9

Due to a call for a general and national strike by the inter-union against the pension reform, the civil aviation management has defined a minimum service from March 7 to 9, 2023.
This situation impacts the company which is thus obliged to modify its flight schedule as follows:

Tuesday, March 7:

  • flight TY201 for Lifou is advanced 10 minutes
  • flight TY107 for Maré is advanced 10 minutes
  • flight TY308 to Nouméa from Ouvéa is delayed by 50 minutes.

Wednesday, March 8:

  • flight TY201 for Lifou is advanced 10 minutes by 10 minutes
  • flight TY202 to Noumea from Lifou is advanced 10 minutes
  • flight TY402 to Noumea from Isle of Pines is delayed by 2h10min
  • flight TY107 to Maré from Noumea is advanced by 10 minutes
  • flight TY308 to Nouméa from Ouvéa is delayed by 2h10
  • flight TY203 for Lifou is delayed by 40 minutes
  • flight TY204 for Noumea from Lifou is delayed by 2h50
  • flight TY216 to Nouméa from Lifou is delayed by 20 minutes.
  • flight TY505 for Koné is canceled
  • flight TY506 to Nouméa from Koné is canceled
  • flight TY205 for Lifou is canceled
  • flight TY206 to Noumea from Lifou is canceled
  • flight TY211 for Lifou is canceled
  • flight TY212 to Noumea from Lifou is canceled
  • flight TY519 for Koné is canceled
  • flight TY520 to Nouméa from Koné is cancelled.

Thursday, March 9:

  • flight TY201 for Lifou is advanced by 10 minutes
  • flight TY107 for Maré is advanced by 10 minutes
  • flight TY307 to Nouméa from Ouvéa is delayed by 20 minutes

Flights not mentioned are maintained at the scheduled times.

All the passengers concerned have been notified by text or email according to the contact details left at the reservation, and transfer solutions are systematically offered to them.

The company regrets this situation beyond its control and thanks its customers for their understanding.