How to get the best prices all year round

To go on holiday or visit your family, it is always appreciated to be able to benefit from plane tickets at the best price. Here are some tips that should help you enjoy attractive fares on our flights.

Anticipate your journey

The first reflex t to have is to book your flights in advance. And if we tend to think about it for long-haul flights, we often skip it for domestic flights. So to benefit from the best prices, the best thing you can do is to book your tickets as long as possible in advance. In addition to having the guarantee of having seats available on the travel dates you are planning, this will also allow you to have the choice among the different fare classes that we offer. Promo, Super Leisure, Standard… Make your choice according to your budget and fare’s conditions that suit you !

Choose your travel dates wisely

To be able to take advantage of the best rates, choose off-peak periods. You can plan to go out of school holidays, long weekends or even during the week. It will also allow you to enjoy maximum peace of mind on board and during your stay. And if you’re not too chilly, why not try a winter stay ? Period less popular with travelers, it is the ideal period to travel on a reduced budget.  Extra : you can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of Caledonian winter sunsets. For a weekend, prefer a departure on Saturday morning with a return on Monday.

Look out for promotional offers

Another tip: promotional offers! At Air Calédonie, we regularly offer you promotional offers to allow you to travel at reduced prices. Thanks to our Super Leisure rates, for example, you can discover Loyalty Islands or the North for 16,500F* A/R or treat yourself to a stay in Kunié lands at 12,600F A/R**.

Each month, you can also benefit from reduced rates during Happy Thursday. The principle is simple : every first Thursday of the month and only for 24 hours, we offer you the possibility of booking your return tickets to one of our destinations at unbeatable prices. The destination of Happy Thursday is revealed a few days before the start of the offer on our social networks or via our newsletter. You know what you have left to do.

Book now !

*fare conditions

**fare conditions

Our travel agency partners are waiting for you this weekend at the Pacific Fair!

From Friday 7 to Sunday 9 October, the Foire du Pacifique is making a comeback! Our agency partner Authentik Caledonia awaits you there with exclusive offers to allow you to (re)discover our destinations.

Take advantage of the offers from our approved agencies!

In partnership with Air Caledonia, Authentik Caledonia offers several packaged offers for the Loyal Islands and the Isle of Pines. Take advantage of the Pacific Fair to offer you turnkey stays including A/R flights, overnight stays, transfers and also car rental on certain destinations. To escape in Kunié lands or discover the Loyalties, this is the perfect opportunity!

Coline and Gaëlle are waiting for you at booth #52!

Preparing your camping without stress thanks to freight

It’s decided: for the next vacation, you’re going camping! And if once there, the pleasure is there, the preparation of the campsite can be the subject of some hassle. To anticipate the departure, remember to send your belongings with our freight service.

Plan what you put in your luggage

The best way to avoid stress on the day of departure is to anticipate as much as possible the things you will need on site. So, what to take to go camping? The essentials: a tent, a sleeping bag, a tarp, a first aid kit. Without forgetting the kitchen equipment which is particularly bulky such as coolers, dishes or the stove. The list of camping gear can be long. Everything will depend on the degree of comfort you would like to have during your stay. However, don’t forget that everything you take will have to be worn, transported and brought back, so you might as well anticipate.

Leave quietly and take advantage of the freight to forward your business

Are your things ready? All we have to do is get them on board. Two or three days before your flight, make a stop at the Cargo counter at your departure airport to deposit your shipment. Each of our destinations has dedicated charter spaces. This will allow you to pick up your shipments as soon as you land (the maximum delivery time is 48 hours). You can also opt for the priority option to have the guarantee to dispose of your business within 24 hours after their deposit. Remember to bring your ID to deposit and retrieve your shipments. You will also need to be vigilant when preparing your packages. Their packaging must be strong enough to be handled by our teams. Our freight formula offers a base fare according to the chosen route, to which you can add options according to your needs. If your goods require special storage, we can offer you additional services. Once arrived, you will receive an SMS to pick up your belongings at the airport and you the holidays !

See you soon on board !

Have a good trip with Point Rouge!

Did you book your plane tickets on our site? Once there, let’s go for the adventure! Choosing to rent a car with Point Rouge means giving you freedom during your stay. You will thus have the possibility of better managing your trips, both in terms of the activities planned and the pace you wish to give to your trip.

When you arrive in Magenta or Koné, our partner Point Rouge offers you to pick up a rental car directly at the airport. And that’s not all ! Our partnership with Point Rouge allows you to benefit from 15% to 20% discount on your vehicle reservation package via their website.

Reserve and collect the vehicle keys on site.

Have a good trip !

How to book online?

Are you planning a trip to one of our destinations ? Save time and book your tickets directly from our website. And for those who aren’t very computer savvy, here are some tips to help you !

Online booking, step by step

You have chosen your destination and the time you would like to leave. It’s a good start ! To make your escape desires come true, now is the time to book your tickets.

To do it, go to the booking area on our website. It is accessible either on the home page or via the “Book/Manage” tab. Did you find it ? Now all you have to do is enter the characteristics of your trip: dates, destinations, number and age of passengers, etc. Our site will then offer you the available flights on the dates you have chosen.

Pay attention to the fare class and timetables

Depending on your destination, one or more flights should be offered to you. You can then choose the fare class that suits you. To do this, consult the specifics of each of our fare classes: reimbursement, modification, etc. In addition, luggage allowances also vary according to the fare class of your ticket. Pay special attention to the flight schedule you have selected: plan to be at the airport an hour before your flight departs (For those who checked in online, meet at the airfield until 30 minutes before departure).

Online booking and its advantages

Our website allows you to manage your reservation yourself. You have full control over the choice of your tickets. You have access to all available flights and you can choose the fare that best suits your budget. For holders of the Transport Card, you can also benefit from your travel credits by booking your flight on the website.

This will also save you waiting in store, especially on busy days like flash promotions like Happy Thursday. Via your customer area, you can also check in online from 30 hours and up to 40 minutes before your flight.

Online check-in, now available on our website

Our website offers a multitude of services to make your trip easier: ticket reservations, Transport Card requests, access to promotional fares at any time. And now, online check-in!

Why you should check-in online

No more queues to access the check-in counter. People who have registered online can go directly to the “baggage drop-off” counter reserved for them. And for those who don’t have any luggage to check in, it’s even faster! You can go directly to boarding, up to 30 minutes before your flight with your boarding pass.And if this should allow you to save considerable time, our teams on site are there to support you so do not hesitate to ask them all your questions!

How to check-in online ?

Online check-in is possible from 30 hours and up to 40 minutes before the departure time of a flight.
Registering online couldn’t be simpler.

Go to your personal reservation area on our website. All you have to do is enter your name and your ticket or file number if you have booked a flight for several people. Select the passenger(s) to be checked in and confirm compliance with safety and security regulations. From then on, you should receive a confirmation email as well as your boarding pass which you can print or save on your mobile (smartphone or tablet) to access it offline.

Need to cancel your check-in ? This is also possible via your personal space.

Origin’air, Air Caledonie’s on-board magazine

An invitation to travel to the four corners of Caledonia

Every quarter, your airline offers you its Origin’air flight magazine. Throughout the pages, Origin’air offers you an invitation to travel in our pretty Caledonia. Discover or rediscover the destinations served by Air Caledonia through articles and reports. You will discover the natural and cultural heritage of Caledonia but also colorful encounters, in the North, the Loyalties and the Southern Province.

Extend the pleasure of reading after the flight

Origin’air accompanies you throughout your trip but also during your stay. Do not hesitate to take the magazine with you, we offer you a copy. You can also find all editions of our on-board magazine on our website.

The 24th edition, soon available on board our ATRs and online!

The 24th issue of our in-flight magazine will soon be available to all of our passengers. For the curious who do not have the opportunity to travel with us and recover their number, you can also find each Origin’air edition in free access on our website. Feel free to share it around!